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What we do

You provide a white-labeled financial locker to a consumer before the loan transaction takes place. Through the secure financial locker, you may present offers or recommendations to the consumer. 

Personal Financial Management

  • Account aggregation
  • Budgeting
  • Goal setting
  • Credit score
  • Credit report
  • Credit monitoring & alerts
  • Net worth
  • Cash flow
  • Transaction categorization

Enable Loan Transactions

  • Mortgage analytics
  • Loan product recommendations based on financial profile
  • Loan application pre-population • Asset verification
  • Employment & income verification
  • Configurable rules engine/algorithms for asset & income analytics
  • Re-usable locker for multiple loan types
  • Account sharing with lenders
  • Asset monitoring for life of loan with consumer consent

Additional Value adds:

  • Education (140+ videos)
  • Home value
  • Comparable Home sales nearby
  • Document storage (home, financials, insurance, more)
  • Identity verification
  • Real estate search
  • Sharing with advisors
  • Blog from bank

How it works

Leads to …

By providing borrowers with a FinLocker that they continually use, lenders have a direct connection with their consumers to respond to their financial needs (mortgage, auto, brokerage, etc.) and help them toward achieving a financial goal, like a home loan.


Loans to …

The borrower’s FinLocker contains much of the data that lenders need to underwrite loans. With a few clicks in the app, the borrower can signal their interest in a loan and securely share their data electronically that FinLocker can analyze. The convenience of this streamlined process makes it more likely that borrowers will apply with the same lender again in the future. A lender may use FinLocker’s rules engine and analytics for income/asset/employment verification. 


Customer for life

Giving borrowers a tool with lasting value fosters greater loyalty than traditional CRMs. Lenders stay at the forefront of the borrower’s mind when they see the lender’s logo displayed on a financial tool they use regularly. Plus, the path back to the lender is simple and saves time for both the borrower and lender. All this together will help lenders to retain a customer for life.

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