Deep Digitization in Mortgage Origination

Intelligently automate your entire middle office process using repeatable quality control automated mechanisms.

When mortgage lenders use consumer permissioned direct-sourced data to obtain a borrower’s income, employment, assets, and credit, they can increase efficiencies by ingesting the data directly into their loan manufacturing processes.

Repeatable quality controlled automated mechanisms can be used to intelligently process a mortgage applicant’s data across the front, middle and back offices and flow to the backend when the loan is delivered to the investor.

Modernizing the middle office process (loan setup, loan processing, and underwriting) can also provide the consumer with more clarity, certainty and, ultimately, a better customer experience.

FinLocker’s President and COO, Brian Vieaux, and Prabhakar Bhogaraju, EVP, Head of Strategy and Product, have co-authored the paper Deep Digitization in Mortgage Origination – A Middle-Office Imperative with Narayan Bharadwaj, SVP Automation with Indecomm, to provide a critical perspective on the value of bridging front-office point-of-sale innovation with middle- and back-office digitization in mortgage operations.

Click here to download the paper to transform your loan manufacturing process to create a sustainable mortgage business that will endure through the booms and bust cycles.


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