Mortgage lenders use FinLocker to attract, engage, convert and retain more customers

Provide first-time homebuyers with a personalized path to homeownership

Extend your business ecosystem

FinLocker is a financial fitness platform that extends your business ecosystem with a high tech, high touch platform that compliments your existing tech stack.

Connect earlier with future homebuyers

73% of Millennial and Gen Z borrowers say mobile apps influenced their choice of lender.*
Private-labeling the FinLocker app with your brand will provide a competitive edge for lead acquisition, nurturing, conversion and retention.

Manage a larger pipeline and protect your database

FinLocker helps originators manage a larger pipeline by guiding homebuyers toward mortgage readiness using the financial tools and resources they often use in other disparate apps. Providing a private-labeled FinLocker to your leads and prospects early in your engagement will insulate them from your competitors and third-party lead aggregators while they prepare for a mortgage.

Accelerate the mortgage readiness of your first-time homebuyers

FinLocker perpetually analyzes each consumer’s enrolled financial data, so your borrowers can track their progress in their My Homeownership Snapshot and know when they are mortgage ready. Borrowers can leverage consumer-permissioned data to get pre-qualified and begin their loan application directly from their app by sharing their enrolled financial data and stored documents with their loan originator. The data and documents are encrypted during transfer to the lender’s LOS, reducing the risks often associated with traditional document procurement and streamlining the mortgage application process for all parties.

Discover how FinLocker can prepare your first-time homebuyers for homeownership

How first-time homebuyers use FinLocker to prepare for homeownership

  • Credit score, credit report and credit monitoring, along with tools to build credit and make informed credit decisions
  • View and manage all financial accounts in one place
  • Set financial goals, create budgets, and track progress in real-time to save for down payment and closing costs
  • Spending analysis and budgeting tools to manage and pay down debt to qualify for a mortgage
  • Track their progress toward mortgage readiness with My Homeownership Snapshot and receive an action plan to overcome any challenges
  • Start their property search directly from the app
  • Educational resources and videos help homebuyers improve financial literacy and learn about the mortgage process
  • Connect with their originator, get pre-qualified and begin their mortgage application by securely sharing their financial data from their app
  • Monitor home value and track equity after property purchase

Hear from Chad Masters, Loan Officer with UMortgage, how his FinLocker-powered USafe app nurtures his future homebuyers, protects his database from the competition, and strengthens his real estate agent relationships.

Discover how FinLocker can prepare your first-time homebuyers for homeownership