Mortgage lenders use FinLocker to attract, engage, convert and retain more customers

Provide first-time homebuyers with a personalized path to homeownership

FinLocker is a homeownership-focused financial fitness app that extends your business ecosystem with a high tech, high touch platform that compliments your existing tech stack.

Connect earlier with future homebuyers

73% of Millennial and Gen Z borrowers say mobile apps influenced their choice of lender.*
Private-labeling the FinLocker app with your brand will provide a competitive edge for lead acquisition, nurturing, conversion and retention.

Manage a larger pipeline and protect your database

FinLocker helps originators manage a larger pipeline by guiding homebuyers toward mortgage readiness using the financial tools and resources they often use in other disparate apps. Providing a private-labeled FinLocker to your leads and prospects early in your engagement will insulate them from your competitors and third-party lead aggregators while they prepare for a mortgage.

Accelerate the mortgage readiness of first-time homebuyers

FinLocker perpetually analyzes each consumer’s enrolled financial data, so borrowers can track their progress in their My Homeownership Snapshot, receive a personalized action plan to overcome any financial challenges, and know when they are mortgage ready. Borrowers can leverage consumer-permissioned data to get pre-qualified and begin their loan application directly from their app by sharing their financial data with their loan originator.

Make a great first impression with top-tier agents

Real estate agents were the top referral source for 85% of loan officers in 2023.*
By co-branding their app, mortgage originators can leverage their FinLocker to build relationships with these key referral partners. Real estate agents can distribute the originator’s FinLocker app to reach up-the-funnel homebuyers and stay top-of-mind with homeowners for their next home purchase.

The admin portal offers a seamless way to identify top referring agents and track the homeownership journey of each consumer. These valuable insights provide a meaningful reason to connect with agents every week, strengthening relationships and boosting both businesses.

Discover how FinLocker can prepare your first-time homebuyers for homeownership

How first-time homebuyers use FinLocker to prepare for homeownership

  • Credit score, credit report and credit monitoring, along with tools to build credit and make informed credit decisions
  • View and manage all financial accounts in one place
  • Set financial goals, create budgets, and track progress in real-time to save for down payment and closing costs
  • Spending analysis and budgeting tools to manage and pay down debt to qualify for a mortgage
  • Track their progress toward mortgage readiness with My Homeownership Snapshot and receive an action plan to overcome any challenges
  • Start their property search directly from the app
  • Educational resources and videos help homebuyers improve financial literacy and learn about the mortgage process
  • Connect with their originator, get pre-qualified and begin their mortgage application by securely sharing their financial data from their app
  • Monitor home value and track equity after property purchase

Hear from Chad Masters, Loan Officer with UMortgage, how his FinLocker-powered USafe app nurtures his future homebuyers, protects his database from the competition, and strengthens his real estate agent relationships.

Discover how FinLocker can prepare your first-time homebuyers for homeownership