For Consumers

Achieve Your Financial Goals With FinLocker

FinLocker provides a personalized path for you to confidently manage your finances so you can achieve your financial goals. Use the tools and resources to monitor your credit and financial accounts, create goals and budgets to buy a car, a home, pay off debt, and much more:

  • Free credit score, credit report, and credit monitoring with alerts
  • Consolidate your entire financial life in one place, from checking accounts and credit cards, to auto loans and student loans, even investment and retirement accounts
  • Net worth snapshot
  • Spending analysis of your financial transactions so you can make informed financial decisions
  • Establish goals for saving and track your progress
  • Real-time budgets to better understand your spending
  • Educational videos and articles to learn more about homeownership, credit and borrowing, including mortgage terms, loan process and home loan options
  • A “readiness” assessment based on your credit, income, employment and outstanding debt, so you’ll know when you can confidently apply for a loan
  • Once you have created your financial locker account, download the Apple IOS or Google Play app to have your financial locker at your fingertips, to use whenever you need it.

How it Works


Consumers use the personal financial management features of their FinLocker to prepare for a future life event – buy a car, finance a home purchase, pay down student loans, etc. Create budgets and savings goals, obtain your credit score, report and credit monitoring, review cashflow and spending, watch videos to learn about homeownership and managing credit, and build a relationship with your financial institution along the way. 

Initiating a Transaction 

Your FinLocker contains much of the data that lenders need to underwrite loans. With a few clicks, you can share your interest in a home loan with your financial institution and select what financial information and documents to securely share electronically. 

Ongoing use of the Locker 

Consumers can continue to use their FinLocker for budgeting, spending analysis, credit monitoring, establishing budgets and goals, and more. Homeowners can track their home’s value and equity.

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