Achieve Your Financial Goals With FinLocker

FinLocker is a secure all-in-one financial fitness app provided by select banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and housing advocacy organizations to help you confidently manage your finances to achieve your financial goals and establish positive financial habits.

The FinLocker app provides tools and resources to help you build and monitor your credit and manage all your financial accounts in one place, in real-time. Create goals and custom budgets to save for what matters most, whether it’s to buy a car, save for a home down payment, or pay down student loans, credit cards, and other debts.

Manage Your Money With FinLocker’s Intuitive Tools

Manage All Your Financial Accounts In One Place

Get a consolidated, real-time view of all enrolled bank accounts, credit cards, auto loan, student loan, retirement, and investment accounts.

Build and Monitor Your Credit

Receive your credit score, credit report, and credit monitoring from TransUnion. Track payment history, and receive notifications when your credit score increases or decreases. FinLocker does a soft credit check, so it will never affect your credit score.

Make Informed Spending Decisions

The Spending Analysis tool provides a visual summary of all the transactions in the enrolled financial accounts. See where you’re spending your income and identify where to reduce spending and start saving.

Create Customized Budgets

Create savings goals, custom budgets, and project cash flow to pay down debt, save for your down payment and closing costs, and plan how to achieve other financial goals.

Educational Resources

Watch insightful videos on homeownership, auto loans, insurance, managing credit, and paying for college right in the app. Additional resources dive deeper to explain mortgage terms, mortgage programs, the mortgage process, and factors that impact your credit.

And it’s really, truly FREE

There are no fees to create your account and no monthly or annual fees to use your account. We don’t sell your personal and financial information to third parties.

Discover Your Path To Homeownership

Readiness Assessment

FinLocker perpetually analyses your enrolled financial data to evaluate your eligibility if you were to enter into the mortgage approval process. The Readiness Assessment will show if you need to improve your credit score, continue saving or reduce your debt-to-income ratio, then guide you to overcome the barriers to homeownership.

Document Vault

Securely store personal and financial documents in the app. You decide what data and documents to share with your lender for a loan application. FinLocker protects your financial data with bank-level security. Data is stored using AES-256 encryption and encrypted during transfer to your lender.

Property Search

Homebuyers – start your home search from the app. Search for homes within a price range, preferred zip codes, home types, and number of bedrooms.

Homeowners – track your home value and equity and see homes recently sold in your neighborhood.

Start Your Mortgage Application

Contact your lender through the app when you’re ready to start a mortgage application. Selecting your financial data and documents stored in your app to securely share with your lender streamlines the mortgage application process.

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