RETHINK EVERYTHING: You ‘Know’ About Being A Next Gen Loan Officer, co-authored by Brian Vieaux and Kyle Draper, features insights and strategies from 39 experts in the mortgage industry.

Each contributor brings their experience and unique perspective to the table, covering diverse topics such as social media, video marketing, personal branding, fintech, financial education, advocacy, recruiting, capital markets, plus insights from top producers to inspire you to take what you’ve learned and adapt it to your business.

This comprehensive guide is a one-stop resource for loan officers to lift their game and transition into being mortgage advisors for the next generation of homebuyers and homeowners. Learn from the best, gain invaluable insights, and apply practical strategies to transform your business.

RETHINK EVERYTHING: You 'Know' About Being A Next Gen Loan Officer

Meet the Experts

The Co Authors

Kyle Draper – Content Compounding

Brian Vieaux – FinLocker


The Closer

Joe Petersen – C12 Business Forums




Social Media is Here to Stay

Greg Sher – NFM Lending

Ally Carty – ActiveComply

Kayla Kallander – 1st International B&T

Dustin Owen – The Loans Officer Podcast

Dan Smokoska – WinSocial


Serving Others with Advocacy & Education

Jamey Lynch – Mortgage Bankers Association

Victoria DeLuce – Guaranteed Rate

Sue Buswell – #sueknowsthescore

Christoher Griffith – VettedVA

Jason Stier – Envoy Mortgage

Mike Cox – Mortgage Nerds

Mindset Matters

Chris Vinson – Windsor Mortgage

Dale Vermillion – Mortgage Champions

Richard Milligan – 4C Recruiting

Coach Bill Hart – Movement Mortgage

Phil Treadwell – M1 Academy

Mark Perkins – Pivot Realty Group



Top Producer Perspectives

Michelle Castle – Guild Mortgage

Ryan Grant – NEO Home Loans

Brian Weis – Molitor Financial Group

Major Singleton – Edge Home Finance

Michael Nasserfar – Movement Mortgage

Shane Kidwell – Dwell Mortgage


The Power of Personal Branding

Katherine Campbell – Shape Software

Mike Faraci – Red Button Media

Jillian Sorensen – Rebel Chics Media

Dana Trajcevski – Rebel Chics Media

Lindsay Mitrosilis – LinkedIn Agency

James Duncan – Thrive Mortgage


AI, Tech & Process For the Win

Kelly Yale – Octo Strategies

Stacia Weishaar – CrossCountry Mortgage

Scott Schang – AI Expert

Michael Hammond – NexLevel Advisors

Andrew Pawlak – RebelIQ

Scott Nicholson – Lender Marketing Platform

Geoff Zimpfer – Mortgage Marketing Institute

Scott Payne – Shape Software

The Mortgage Bankers Association has partnered with the RETHINK EVERYTHING team to offer loan officers a deeper dive with the experts of each topic.

Whether you’re a seasoned loan officer or new to the industry, this webinar series promises to equip you with innovative strategies, cutting edge tech and tools, professional insights, and inspiration needed to connect with next generation homebuyers and thrive in the dynamic world of mortgage lending.

March 19, 2pm EST – Personal Branding

April 17, 2pm EST – Social Media

May 14, 2pm EST – Show Up on Video

June 4, 2pm EST – Get to Know Millennials & Gen Z

July 9, 2pm EST – Mindset Matters


August 1, 2pm EST – Serving Others with Education & Advocacy