FinLocker Integrates with Shape Software CRM to Empower Mortgage Originators with Data-Driven Consumer Insights

The FinLocker / Shape integration will surface consumer-permissioned data-driven insights to mortgage originators and loan officers to hyper-personalize the homeownership journey of consumers using their private-labeled FinLocker financial fitness and homeownership app.


FinLocker, the developer of the leading white-label financial readiness app that emphasizes attaining and sustaining homeownership, has completed an integration with Shape Software’s CRM to equip mortgage originators with a unique way to attract, educate, and nurture consumers throughout their homeownership journey.

Through this integration, mortgage originators gain access to a wealth of data-driven insights, enhancing their ability to personalize the homeownership experience for their customers. By leveraging their private-labeled FinLocker app, mortgage originators can hyper-personalize interactions and provide tailored guidance at every stage of the journey.

Brian Vieaux, president and chief operating officer, FinLocker, expressed enthusiasm about the integration’s potential impact, stating,

“The integration is a game-changer for mortgage lenders and their originators looking to expand top-of-the-funnel customer acquisition as they will now be able to receive additional data points to build a comprehensive profile of their customers and while FinLocker nurtures them with personalized communications to achieve and sustain homeownership.”

Mutual clients of Shape Software and FinLocker will gain access to enhanced customer insights within the Shape Marketing Suite. This integration enriches customer contact records with additional milestones, achievements, and activities, facilitating more informed and personalized interactions.

This integration facilitates a smooth data transfer between platforms, streamlining processes for mortgage originators and loan officers. They can now effortlessly invite prospective homebuyers, including those identified through social media engagement and existing client databases, to leverage their FinLocker-powered app to achieve mortgage readiness and homeownership.

At the core of this integration lies comprehensive data-driven insights, spanning from homeownership goals to creditworthiness and mortgage readiness. Armed with this holistic view, loan officers can proactively identify potential roadblocks and offer personalized advice, ensuring a seamless journey toward mortgage eligibility.

“We appreciate the value-add of FinLocker, especially for non-qualified credit issues which are not uncommon today. Having a true solution is critical as 82% of that audience ends up doing a mortgage transaction within 18 months,” says Scott Payne, chief growth officer, Shape Software.

NFM Lending will be the first mutual client to benefit from the integration. Greg Sher, managing director, NFM Lending, is excited to be using the integration to nurture the consumers the loan officers in The Creator Collective division are attracting through social media, stating,

“The loan officers in NFM’s Creator Collective have generated over 65,000 leads from mortgage-related posts on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube since the program’s inception. This integration will automatically create contact records in our CRM when a new consumer creates an account for their FinLocker-powered Home Stretch app. This time-saving benefit and additional consumer data insights will enable our team to enhance our customer experience and deliver even more personalized service as we guide these consumers through their homeownership journey.”

Mortgage lenders using Shape Software who would like to personalize the homeownership journey for their consumers with a private-labeled FinLocker app should contact Adrian Hernandez, VP of Sales at for details.

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About FinLocker 

FinLocker, the developer of the leading white-label financial readiness app with an emphasis on attaining and sustaining homeownership, empowers consumers to manage their financial lives with ease and confidence. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, including financial account management, budgeting, credit score monitoring, mortgage education, real estate search, and guidance to achieve mortgage readiness. By providing consumers with actionable insights and personalized recommendations, FinLocker helps individuals navigate the complexities of the home buying process and achieve their financial goals. 



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