Listen to FinTech Hunting Podcast with Brian Vieaux, FinLocker President, and Kristin Messerli, Cultural Outreach

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In Fintech Hunting podcast #65, hosted by Michael Hammond, Brian Vieaux, FinLocker President, and Kristin Messerli, founder of Cultural Outreach, discussed strategies to connect first-time homebuyers and consumers in underserved diverse markets with banks and financial services. They also explored how technology can provide impactful high-tech and high-touch tools and education to empower these individuals to improve their financial well-being and prepare to get mortgage ready, in conjunction with advice from their trusted mortgage advisor.

Mortgage originators can learn from the discussion how to use technology to identify highly-qualified predictive homebuyer leads who will be ready to purchase in the next 6-18 months and create a relationship with a diverse market of first-time homebuyers early in their homeownership journey. As many homebuyers do not shop around before selecting a mortgage lender, the likelihood that they will conduct their transaction with the mortgage lender they have an established relationship with is very high.

Podcast: 30 minutes

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