How FinLocker Team Members Drive Social Change in Their Community

At FinLocker, our commitment to making a difference extends beyond our work—our team members actively contribute to the betterment of their local communities. Despite being spread across various cities in the U.S., our team exemplifies a shared dedication to volunteerism and social impact. Here’s how four FinLocker team members are spearheading positive change through their involvement with local nonprofit organizations:

Chris Hazen: Transforming Lives Through Mentorship in New Orleans

Chris is a dedicated volunteer mentor with Son of a Saint, a nonprofit organization based in New Orleans, LA. This organization aims to positively impact the lives of fatherless boys and young men aged 10 to 18 through mentorship programs, emotional support, tutoring, and various skill-building activities. Chris spends quality time actively mentoring a young man and participating in fundraising events to support the organization’s impactful initiatives.

Brian Vieaux: Empowering Detroit Youth Through Education and Athletics

Brian’s commitment to uplifting youth led him to volunteer with the Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit, Michigan. Founded by Kahli Sweeney in 2007, this nonprofit offers academic support, athletic programs, nutritious meals, health exams, and mentorship to students aged 8 to 18. Brian’s involvement as a board member includes raising awareness through social media and leveraging his professional network to secure contributions for the organization’s expansion, enabling it to serve more students in need.

Bryan Garcia: Advancing STEM Education and Career Opportunities in St Louis

Bryan has been an influential member of the Information Systems Technology Advisory Board at the University of Missouri-St Louis since 2010. He actively contributes to shaping the department’s strategy, curriculum, research, and service. Bryan’s focus on advancing STEM education and creating career pathways for future tech professionals is evident through his participation in various initiatives.

Diana Mulhall: Fostering the Arts Community in Atlanta

Diana actively volunteers with The B Complex, an artist cooperative in Atlanta that has been providing affordable workspaces and exhibition space for local artists since 1999. With 26 individual workspaces catering to diverse art forms, including painting, sculpture, woodworking, and performance arts, Diana utilizes her marketing expertise to promote the artists and events at the 8,000 sq ft gallery to foster a vibrant arts community.

These remarkable individuals exemplify FinLocker’s values of community engagement and social responsibility. Through their selfless contributions, they amplify the impact of nonprofit organizations, driving positive change and creating brighter futures for communities across the country. As we celebrate Giving Tuesday, we recognize and commend their dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world.



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