How a Mortgage Lender returned 90% ROI using FinLocker to Attract, Engage and Nurture Homebuyers

Case Study: What’s A Mortgage's Success with FinLocker’s WAM Wallet

WAM Wallet Launch

On May 4, 2023, What’s A Mortgage launched its FinLocker-powered WAM Wallet, capitalizing on a strategic social media campaign spearheaded by two influential mortgage originators, Minh Nguyen and Jide Buckley. Leveraging their substantial followings on Instagram and TikTok, they showcased a range of mortgage-related topics and emphasized how the WAM Wallet’s features could aid first-time homebuyers in preparing for a mortgage and achieving homeownership success.

The First 30 Days

The results of What’s A Mortgage initial 30 days with the FinLocker-powered WAM Wallet were remarkable:

  • Initial Database: What’s A Mortgage began with 800 consumers in their database.
  • New Registrations: Within the first month, they attracted an additional 3,300 consumers through WAM Wallet registrations.

See the case study infographic of What’s A Mortgage’s first 30 days with FinLocker.

One Year Later

One year on, What’s A Mortgage has continued to harness the power of the WAM Wallet to attract, educate, and nurture consumers effectively:

  • Consumer Base Growth: Their consumer base has grown to 6,820 individuals who are now actively engaged and nurtured by FinLocker.
  • Personalized Communications: These consumers receive persona-based communications tailored to their Homeownership Journey, the objectives they selected upon account creation, their in-app activities, and insights derived from their consumer-permissioned data.

Originator Results:

  • 26 closed and funded loans = $13.3.million loan volume and $276,ooo top line loan revenue (based on 2% x loan volume)
  • 5 deals currently in escrow that are expected to close within the next 45-60 days.
  • 10 referrals to real estate agent partners = $8.5 million in real estate volume and $180k top line Real Estate Revenue (based on an average of 2.25% buyside RE commission)

Social Media Strategy

The mortgage finfluencers consistently post several times a week on Instagram and TikTok to sustain and grow their follower base while providing ongoing education. The impressive growth and engagement metrics are driven by 15 unique videos specifically created to highlight the WAM Wallet’s features. This targeted content strategy has been crucial in maintaining momentum and ensuring sustained interest and engagement from potential homeowners.


The collaboration between What’s A Mortgage and FinLocker through the WAM Wallet app demonstrates the powerful synergy of strategic social media marketing and innovative financial technology. By leveraging influential social media presences and providing valuable tools and personalized guidance, What’s A Mortgage has successfully expanded its consumer base, fostered a community of prepared homebuyers and successful homeowners, strengthen relationships with their Realtor partners and earned significant revenue.

WAM Wallet Case Study Infographic

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