Mortgage Markets CUSO Partners with FinLocker to Empower Credit Union Members with Cutting-Edge Financial Tools to Achieve and Sustain Homeownership

The FinLocker-powered HomeJourney app will help credit union members build and monitor their credit, manage their finances, learn about the mortgage process, and overcome common barriers to achieving mortgage eligibility.

FinLocker, a pioneer in digital, consumer-permissioned personal financial fitness tools focused on homeownership, has been selected by Mortgage Markets CUSO, a leading provider of mortgage lending services to credit unions, to provide its credit union partners with the HomeJourney financial fitness app to prepare first-time homebuyers to achieve and sustain homeownership.

The partnership between Mortgage Markets CUSO and FinLocker marks a significant milestone in empowering credit unions to attract new members and help members make informed financial decisions, improve their credit health, gain a deeper understanding of the mortgage process, and confidently navigate the mortgage market.

With the innovative FinLocker-powered HomeJourney app, credit union members will gain access to a suite of robust tools and resources to manage their financial information, build and monitor their credit score, and receive personalized financial guidance to qualify for a mortgage, all within a secure and user-friendly digital platform.

The collaboration between Mortgage Markets CUSO and FinLocker underscores their shared commitment to serving credit union members by providing them with the necessary tools and support to achieve and sustain homeownership. By leveraging the state-of-the-art technology in the FinLocker-powered HomeJourney app and Mortgage Markets CUSO’s digital mortgage tools, credit union members will gain access to a comprehensive suite of digital tools to improve their mortgage eligibility, provide homeownership readiness, and achieve their homeownership aspirations culminating with a streamlined mortgage application process.

“Partnering with FinLocker is an opportunity to provide our credit union partners and their members with the exclusive HomeJourney financial fitness app that provides unparalleled access to financial fitness and homeownership readiness tools,” said Michael Ferraro, President, Mortgage Markets CUSO. “We envision our credit unions using the HomeJourney app to attract new members, especially first-time homebuyers. To kickstart the launch, we will be presenting a first-time homebuyer workshop in July with FD Community Federal Credit Union. We’re excited to provide every attendee with the app to view their credit and current homeownership snapshot during the workshop. Following the event, FinLocker’s data-driven homebuying journeys will guide members along their personalized path to improve their mortgage eligibility. We have great confidence that this partnership will have a transformative impact on our credit union partners and significantly improve the financial lives of their members.”

“First-time homebuyers are eagerly seeking trusted mortgage advisors who can provide them with a complete digital mortgage experience, beginning with the preparation phase. We are excited to partner with Mortgage Markets CUSO to provide our consumer-permissioned financial technology to its credit union partners and their members,” said Brian Vieaux, President and Chief Operating Officer, FinLocker. “The HomeJourney app will give credit unions a competitive edge to attract new Millennial and Gen Z members and provide the financial tools and guidance to prepare them for homeownership. We look forward to working together to support credit union members on their path to homeownership and financial success.”

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