FinLocker Integrates with Total Expert to Power the Entire Homeownership Journey with Hyper-personalized Communications

The FinLocker integration will surface data-driven insights to mortgage lenders and loan officers to hyper-personalize the homeownership journey of their customers using their private-labeled FinLocker app.

FinLocker, a pioneer in digital, consumer-permissioned personal financial fitness tools focused on homeownership, has completed an integration with Total Expert, the CRM and customer engagement platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions, to give mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions, and their loan officers, access to a wealth of data-driven insights throughout the homeownership journey of their customers. Today’s announcement follows a successful integration of Total Expert into FinLocker in 2022 to drive customer engagement within the FinLocker app using Total Expert’s Journey functionality to provide borrowers with a hyper-personalized homeownership journey.

The new integration allows for a seamless transfer of data between the two platforms, providing lenders and loan officers with a comprehensive view of their customers’ progression toward mortgage eligibility and homeownership. Data-driven insights at every stage of the homeownership journey, including credit, assets, and goals, will enable loan officers to identify potential roadblocks and take proactive measures to help their customers achieve mortgage eligibility. Mutual customers of Total Expert and FinLocker can now view additional milestones, achievements, and activities as part of their customer contact record in Total Expert.

“The integration is a game-changer for mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions looking to expand top-of-the-funnel customer acquisition and deliver intent-level data-driven communications to consumers as they progress through the homeownership process using the FinLocker app,” said Chris Hazen, senior vice president of customer success with FinLocker. “FinLocker has already increased app engagement using Total Expert’s Journeys. This enhanced partnership is a win-win for all parties involved, as it brings together two industry-leading platforms to provide an unparalleled level of service to the mortgage industry and empower financial institutions to provide an unmatched level of service to their customers.”

“FinLocker provides out-of-the-box marketing to make it simple for Synergy One’s loan officers to enroll more prospective homebuyers into the S1 FinFit app through our instance of Total Expert,” said Steve Majerus, chief executive officer of Synergy One Lending. “As a result of this integration, we have received a 360-degree view of our customers homebuying journey. The data sharing between FinLocker and Synergy One, facilitated by the integration with Total Expert, enables our loan officers to know when a prospective homebuyer has achieved mortgage eligibility milestones. FinLocker’s use of Total Expert to guide homebuyers through their entire homeownership journey using the S1 FinFit app also saves our loan officers time nurturing customers who are 6-18 months from purchasing a home and focus on closing the loans for those homebuyers who are mortgage ready.”

“Consumers crave financial guidance and education now more than ever, and having a comprehensive profile of your customers is critical to help them achieve their financial goals,” said Josh Lehr, senior director of partnerships and industry technology at Total Expert. “This integration with FinLocker empowers lenders to take their customer relationships to the next level with a clear view of their customers and data-driven insights to deliver the perfect customer journey.”

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About FinLocker

FinLocker provides a secure financial fitness app that aggregates and analyzes a consumer’s financial data to offer personalized journeys to build and monitor their credit, manage their financial accounts, interact with a home affordability calculator, create goals, save and budget to achieve loan eligibility for a mortgage and other financial goals. Consumers can take a readiness assessment before applying for a mortgage, begin their property search, and securely store personal and financial documents, which they can share with a loan officer directly from the app to start their loan application. Mortgage lenders and financial service providers use their white-labeled FinLocker to generate, nurture and convert leads, gain market share, reduce loan processing costs, reduce friction, and create customers for life. For more information, visit

About Total Expert

Total Expert delivers purpose-built CRM and data-driven customer engagement solutions for more than 175 modern financial institutions. The platform unifies data, marketing, sales, and compliance solutions to provide a cohesive experience across the customer lifecycle. Total Expert turns customer insights into actions to increase loyalty and drive growth for banks, lenders, credit unions, and other financial services firms. For more information, visit For conversations between modern banks and lenders on leadership and innovation, listen to the Expert Insights podcast, hosted by founder and CEO Joe Welu.

About Synergy One Lending

Synergy One Lending is based in San Diego, CA, is currently licensed in 43 states, and has Operational HUBS in Boise, ID, Denver, CO, and Dallas, TX. Synergy One’s vision is to offer mortgages and home equity products while delivering powerful technology solutions with a team of fully empowered employees to make sure our clients receive a best-in-class lending experience. To learn more about Synergy One Lending, visit



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