Leading Indicators of a Consumer Entering a Homeownership Journey

FinLocker has identified four leading indicators that a consumer intends to begin their homeownership journey. These indicators can be conducted concurrently, over a few weeks, or even a few months, depending on their motivation. How they conduct their research frequently exposes consumers to biased advice and distracting offers from your competitors determined to obtain their business at each stage.

  1. Consumers begin their homeownership journey by forming a mental picture of their new home
  2. Consumers research how they will finance their home purchase
  3. Consumers review their credit profile
  4. Consumers decide if their finances and cash flow can support a mortgage payment

FinLocker has purposefully integrated tools to enable consumers to work through their initial decision-making by interacting with their live data in a secure and safe space with no digital intrusion.

Click here to download our research paper Leading Indicators of a Consumer Entering a Homeownership Journey.

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