The Mortgage Lender’s Guide to Supporting Divorcing Customers

Download The Mortgage Lender’s Guide to Supporting Divorcing Customers

Advise divorcing customers on the five common mortgage-related transactions used to settle the marital home

The most valuable asset most couples must negotiate during a divorce is the marital home. Emotions are likely attached to the home, impacting timely and level-headed decisions to divide this asset. Most people who go through a divorce require a mortgage-related transaction, so FinLocker has created a guide that explores the five common options for settling this asset.

  1.  One party refinances the current mortgage
  2. One party assumes the existing mortgage
  3. One party buys their spouse’s share of the home equity
  4. Martial home is sold, proceeds divided, and one or both parties acquire a new purchase mortgage
  5. Both parties keep the home and continue paying the current mortgage

Click here to download your copy of The Mortgage Lenders Guide to Supporting Divorcing Customers to learn the five common mortgage-related options for settling the marital home and receive advice on supporting your customers during this difficult time.

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