Synergy One Lending Partners With FinLocker to Broaden Its Consumer Lending Strategy

Synergy One Lending, a lender committed to The Modern Mortgage Experience, has chosen FinLocker as its technology platform partner to broaden the consumer lending experience. This partnership will provide consumer permissioned personal financial information that focuses on the overall financial fitness of a consumer in presenting and making the best mortgage product decisions.

By providing consumers access to a broad range of financial tools, all in one platform, Synergy One believes this will lay the foundation for more informed and more confident consumers as they progress toward their homebuying or refinance journeys.

“In FinLocker, we found a technology partner that understands that putting the power of consumers’ own data in one convenient app will serve as a powerful focal point for the long term engagement between our clients and our sales force,” said Steve Majerus, CEO of Synergy One.  “This is particularly critical as we create solutions with FinLocker for the first time homebuyer and underserved markets. Convenience and education are at the heart of this strategy.”

“The S1 FinFit platform and mobile app launch will not only financially prepare Synergy One first-time homebuyers for a mortgage, but homeowners will receive additional financial tools and resources to help them confidently sustain homeownership and lead healthy financial lives,” said Brian Vieaux, president of FinLocker. “FinLocker’s high-tech, high-touch platform will enable Synergy One mortgage originators to manage a larger sales pipeline, help to increase their lead to loan pull-through rate, and provide a valuable engagement tool that will enable Synergy One to remain top of mind with their homeowners, creating customers for life.

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About Synergy One Lending

Synergy One Lending is based in San Diego, CA, is currently licensed in 43 states, and has Operational HUBS in Boise, ID, Denver, CO, and Dallas, TX. Synergy One’s vision is to offer mortgages and home equity products while delivering powerful technology solutions with a team of fully empowered employees to make sure our clients receive a best-in-class lending experience. To learn more about Synergy One Lending, visit or reach out to Steve Majerus.

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